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كيف تشاهد البث المباشر ، ماذا تتوقع

لم يتم تعيين أي شيء لإطلاق الزوج الثاني من سماعات الأذن والمنتج العام الثالث في وقت لاحق اليوم. هذه هي Nothing Ear (العصا) ، وهو شيء تعرضه الشركة لمحات منه على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي. بالنظر إلى مظهر سماعات الأذن ، يبدو أن Ear Stick تركز بشدة على جانب التصميم ، وربما أكثر من Nothing Ear (1).

قبل الإطلاق ، إليك كل ما نعرفه عن Nothing Ear (stick) ، بما في ذلك وقت ومكان مشاهدة حدث الإطلاق في وقت لاحق اليوم.

Nothing Ear (stick): متى وأين تشاهد حدث الإطلاق

سيبدأ حدث إطلاق Nothing Ear (stick) في الساعة 7:25 مساءً بتوقيت IST مساء اليوم وسيتمكن المستخدمون من بثه مباشرةً عند انطلاق الحدث على قناة YouTube الخاصة بالعلامة التجارية. تحقق من رابط البث المباشر أدناه ، والذي يمكنك ببساطة تشغيله في الساعة 7:25 مساءً اليوم.


Nothing Ear (stick): What to expect

The Nothing Ear (stick) will come with a cylindrical charging case, which appears to be the biggest change to its design. This case is designed after a lipstick and also twists like one to open up and allow access to the earbuds, which sit horizontally across in the case with their stems facing away from each other.

The earbuds themselves look pretty similar to the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds but it looks like we will not be getting silicone tips this time around. WIth transparent black stems and white casing on the eartips as well as a white case with red accents, the product also fits well with Nothing’s black, white and red aesthetic.

Not much is known about the technical specifications or features of the earbuds yet. However, leaks have suggested that the Ear (stick) may not come with ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation The earbuds are also set to be more affordable than the Nothing Ear (1), which launched at Rs 5,999 in India but has been getting price hikes since.

More details on the Ear (stick) should be announced during the launch event, but we do know that the product will be sold via Myntra, a fashion apparel e-commerce platform, in India. It currently is not clear if buyers will also be able to purchase the buds from Amazon or Flipkart as well.

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