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How to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11

For the first time, you can install Android apps on Windows. Android apps, games, and notifications are natively supported on Windows 11. However, the official Amazon Appstore is only available to Windows Insiders.But thanks to a few package alterations on the original Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), you can easily operate Google Play services on Windows 11. Follow the instructions in this guide to install Google Play Store on your Windows 11 device.

What Is Windows Subsystem for Android?

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is a Windows 11 component that runs Android apps on a Windows device in a Hyper-V virtual environment.

The program is designed as a virtualized Android operating system based on the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). Once installed, Windows Subsystem for Android can be accessed from the “Apps & Features” section of Windows 11 and may be uninstalled from there.

Through the Microsoft Store, Windows Subsystem for Android integrates with Amazon Appstore, which is an official partner that brings the Android experience to Windows devices. Currently, both Windows Subsystem for Android and Amazon Appstore are only available to U.S.-based Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel. To become an insider, follow the last section of this installation guide.

Google Play Windows11 Amazon Appstore

Microsoft is likely to spend some time running the Windows Subsystem for Android Beta to improve the user experience of Android apps in Windows 11. While they do that, you can sidestep the whole insider procedure to run a full-fledged Google Play services experience on your Windows device.

How to Install Google Play in Windows 11

Currently there are two package alterations on the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) that can be found on GitHub. You can use either open source application to install WSA and Google Play Store.

  • PowerShell Windows Toolbox
  • MagiskOnWSA

Neither method will work on a Windows 10 device. You should have Windows 11 to operate WSA.

This simple Windows PowerShell toolbox is available as an open-source GitHub code. Due to its one-click installation, it’s clearly the faster method, as it does not require any extra software installations.

Google Play Windows11 Github Powershell Toolbox Link
  1. Navigate to the “How to Use” section of the GitHub page and copy any available code under “Easy Start command” to your Clipboard.
Google Play Windows11 Toolbox Code To Be Copied
  1. Go to the Windows 11 Start menu search and open PowerShell in Administrator mode. If you do not see Admin settings for PowerShell, refresh the search.
Google Play Windows11 Powershell Admin
  1. Paste the code from the GitHub page in the PowerShell window and press Enter. The process might seem stuck so wait for a few seconds.
Google Play Windows11 Toolbox Code Pasted Powershell
  1. After a while, the Windows Toolbox will initialize. This will launch a separate Toolbox window while the PowerShell remains open.
Google Play Windows11 Toolbox Initializing
  1. You can do many things with the Windows Toolbox, such as reinstalling Microsoft Store, removing OneDrive and cleaning up Start menu tiles. For now, you only need to click “Install Google Play Store for Windows 11.”
Google Play Windows11 Install From Windows Toolbox
  1. As the Play Store runs on components that use the Virtual Machine Platform, you’ll have to enable it if disabled on your system. Enter “yes” to ensure the operation is in progress.
Google Play Windows11 Pressed Yes Virtual Machine Operation Progress
  1. If you already had a copy of Windows Subsystem for Android on your system, it will be uninstalled and replaced by the new package. Type P to proceed.
Google Play Windows11 Uninstall Previous Wsa
  1. The package will prompt you to download a WSA zip file from a tiny URL link that is generated.
Google Play Windows11 File Download Path
  1. Go to the download page on your web browser and wait for the zip file download to complete.
Google Play Windows11 File Downloading
  1. Save the downloaded file to a well-defined location on your PC, such as the desktop. Copy-paste its entire path and enter the location.
  2. The old version of WSA will be removed, and WSA files will be extracted and installed on your device.
  3. Go back to your list of apps on your device and check if WSA and Google Play have been installed.
  4. If you did not succeed in installing Google Play with this PowerShell code, skip to the next method.
Google Play Windows11 Downloaded Path Copied

Install Google Play in Windows 11 Using MagiskOnWSA

In this method, we are using a root access tool like Magisk. A developer has modified the official Microsoft WSA package to offer an integrated installer that combines Magisk with open Google Apps, which are integrated into most Android devices. It is a safe download link through a GitHub repository and integrates well in the Windows 11 environment.

  1. Sign in to your online GitHub account and visit the repository link to install the custom WSA.
  2. Click “Fork” to save the repository to your GitHub profile.
Google Play Win11 Integrate Magisk Fork
  1. You should clearly see the “forked from” menu change in your GitHub repository. Click “Actions” to proceed.
Google Play Win11 Integrate Magisk Forked
  1. If your GitHub repository doesn’t support workflows, then you need to enable that option by clicking “I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them.”
Google Play Windows11 Workflow
  1. To prepare the download files, click “Run workflow.”
Google Play Windows11 Workflow Run
  1. You should now see a status message that reads: “Workflow run was successfully requested.” You have to choose your Android apps package, such as “pico,” the absolute minimum, or “full,” which contains stock AOSP apps.
  2. The workflow starts and displays an “in progress” status. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.
Google Play Windows11 Workflow In Progress
  1. Once the download files have been prepared, you should see a status that reads: “xx jobs complete.” Click “Show all jobs” to review the tasks.
  2. You should see the WSA software with Magisk and Android apps software. Click the suitable download link, depending on your computer version (ARM4 or x4).
Google Play Windows11 Magisk Gapps Download
  1. The download initiates, and the repository zip file will be downloaded to your PC location.
Google Play Windows11 Magisk Gapps Downloading Progress

Things to Do Before Installing Google Play Store Using MagisOnWSA

1. Enable Developer Mode

  1. Go to Windows 11 Search box or Start menu search and find “Developer settings.”
Google Play Windows11 Developer Settings
  1. Turn “Developer mode” on to be able to install apps from any source, including loose files.
Google Play Windows11 Developer Mode 1

2. Set Up a VM to Run Android Apps

Since WSA is a Hyper-V based environment, you need to configure the required virtualization settings on your Windows 11 device.

  1. Type “Windows security” and go to “Device security” in the search box.
  2. Under “Core Isolation,” enable “Memory integrity” to configure the changes.
  3. Restart the device to apply the changes. You should see a status that reads: “Updates are underway. Please keep your computer on.”
Google Play Windows11 Memory Integrity
  1. After the device has restarted, go to the search menu and type “Turn Windows features on or off.”
  2. Enable the options for “Virtual machine platform” and “Windows Hypervisor platform.”
Google Play Windows11 Enable Features
  1. It will take a few minutes for the virtualization changes to be applied on your device.
Google Play Windows11 Applying Changes
  1. Your PC will restart to affect these requested changes.
  2. You will see an update status that reads: “Customizing features for you. You’re 100% there. Please keep your computer on.”
Google Play Windows11 Windows Requested Applying

3. Change Region Settings to US

Currently, WSA and its included Google Play settings are only supported for the United States. Even if you’re not living there, you should still go to “Region Settings” from the search menu and change the Country/Region to U.S. and the recommended language to U.S. English.

Google Play Windows11 Change Region

Installing WSA and Google Play Using MagiskOnWSA

To install Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and the included Google Play on your Windows 11 device, follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the downloaded zip file of WSA and paste it to an accessible location on your PC, such as the desktop.
  2. Using 7-ZIP, WinRAR or other archival software, extract all the files to a folder at the same location.
Google Play Windows11 Extracting Downloaded File Desktop
  1. Navigate inside the unzipped folder and look for an “Install” file, which is a PowerShell script. It can be right-clicked and opened in PowerShell.
Google Play Windows11 Downloaded File Powershell
  1. The PowerShell window will open to execute the script. There may be a few permissions required. Enter “a” to confirm all operations.
Google Play Windows11 Powershell Script Yes
  1. Wait just a few seconds for the deployment operation to complete successfully.
Google Play Windows11 Powershell Script Processing
  1. The Powershell script exits automatically, allowing you to easily search for Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 device. It’s been installed along with Google Play, which is an internal component of the package.
Google Play Windows11 Windows Subsystem Android Installed

Final Check: Things to Do After Installing Google Play Store on Windows 11

No matter which method you use to install WSA on Windows 11 (Windows PowerShell Toolbox or MagiskOnWSA), after a successful installation, you need to take a few more steps to initialize WSA.

  1. Go to WSA Settings from a Start menu search and make sure “Developer mode” has been enabled.
  2. Configure the “Optional diagnostic data” for WSA. You may keep it either on or off.
Google Play Windows11 Windows Subsystem Android Settings
  1. Wait a few seconds for the WSA apps to initialize. This operation will require at least 8 GB RAM to be successful.
Google Play Windows11 Windows Subsystem Android Installing
  1. Go back to the Search menu and open Google Play Store.
Google Play Windows11 Open Google Play
  1. You will be asked to sign in to your Google Play Services account. Be sure to wait for the updates to finish.
Google Play Windows11 Installed
  1. Check whether Google Play Store has been installed properly on your device and whether the apps are downloading easily.
Google Play Windows11 Running

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why will Google Play not let me sign in on a Windows 11 device?

Sometimes due to some unknown settings on your PC, the downloaded MagiskOnWSA file may not be compatible with your Google account on Play Store settings. If you’re facing Play Store sign-in problems after installation, perform the following remedial steps:

  1. Check whether your Wi-Fi or Internet connection is turned on and working properly.
  2. Download and install this software. There is an .exe file which needs to be extracted and installed.
  3. Go back to the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings and turn the “Developer Mode” on as usual.
  4. Open the ADB file in Windows Terminal. Run the command: .\adb.exe connect
  5. Go back to the Play Store and click “Sign in” to log back in using your Google account.

2. How do I turn off Windows Subsystem for Android?

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) can consume substantial CPU and other resources, especially if too many Android apps are open at the same time. To turn it off, go to WSA Settings from the search menu and turn WSA off. This means all apps will immediately close, and the WSA will restart the next time you open an installed app.

Google Play Windows11 Windows Subsystem Android Turn Off

3. Are there any performance issues when you run Windows Subsystem for Android?

As the official Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is still a work in progress, with Microsoft testing it on Windows Insiders, you can expect some performance delays, lags and visual problems.

Some of the performance issues include:

  • Letter and Pillar boxing: when the aspect ratio of an app window does not align well with your PC resolution, you may have problems such as the window being wider than its height or narrower than its length.
  • Mouse input problems: as the apps are designed for a mobile interface, some mouse inputs may not work, such as right-click, hover effects, drag and drop.

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